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Ecommerce Website Design in Canada

Web Axis is one of the prominent Web Design companies offering E-commerce based solutions to businesses of all sorts. E-commerce, it seems is the buzzword in the world of online business. No matter what you are selling, the need to reach out potential customers is the key to make the most of your business. E-commerce websites allow you to run your business in a far better and systematic way. In the present times, E-commerce is the mantra to make your presence feel on the web space. When it comes to E-commerce Website Design we can help you turn your presence on the World Wide Web.

E-Commerce solution - all the following is included:

  • Unique bespoke design. No templates are used.
  • Entirely bespoke secure shopping cart used. Tailored to your exact requirements. Not an "off the shelf" package.
  • Backend Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database developed to hold up to one million products.
  • Each e-commerce site has a Content Management "admin" area included to allow client to add/edit/delete product details themselves at any time, allowing the client to take full control of the site.
  • Free web hosting for one year.
  • Free search engine optimisation. Detailed and thorough optimisation is carried out across the whole site for specific keyword phrases.
  • Free logo design if required.
  • Free level 1 Flash animation if required. This is a relatively simple but effective high quality animated piece of text or image. 
  • Google Analytics website visitor statistics is set up for every site to provide detailed visitor reports and site performance analysis.
  • Web Axis will source up to fifty high quality resolution royalty-free images to be used throughout the site, or specific images can be supplied by client. All text content to be supplied by client.
  • Website design is compatible in all major internet web and mobile browsers.
  • Everything is owned by you including the domain name. 

How the process works:
A 50% deposit is required at the start of the project. The first stage of the project will involve Web Axis creating an initial draft of the website, showing what the site will look like as per your requirements. Once the initial design is agreed and confirmed the backend functionality and database is designed, written and implemented. The project duration usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks depending on size and complexity.

Maintenance and Updates:

Each e-commerce site has a Content Management "admin area" included to allow the client to add/edit/delete product details themselves at any time, allowing the client to take full control of the maintenance of the site.


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