Data Mining

Data mining is a method for gathering useful data from a mass of data or data repository. In data mining, secret data patterns are extracted into a piece of valuable information according to the various categories. Data mining is also called a KDD i.e. Knowledge Discovery in Database.

Strategy of Data mining

  • Set the business goal
  • Identify data
  • Present Data
  • Model and evaluate data
  • Present data

Some advantages of Data Mining:

  • The Data Mining methodology helps companies to collect data based on information.
  • Data mining is cost-effective as opposed to other statistical data applications.
  • Data mining helps businesses to make significant operating and manufacturing amendments.
  • Data mining allows the decision of an enterprise.
  • It is very convenient method which can help for new users to analyse large quantities of data in a very short period of time.
  • Marketing : By this data mining technique you can easily identify customerís views and their thoughts.

  • Healthcare : In healthcare industry,the overall number of patients can be estimated using data mining, which would help ensure each and every patient is able to provide adequate treatment in the appropriate time and place.

  • Banking: In the banking sector data mining is very relevant. The digital technology has helped the Banking. Data mining is used widely in accounting, credit monitoring, unauthorized transactions, asset management, and also in payment analysis.

  • Education : Educational data mining is to predict potential learning conduct for the students, which will allow the students to succeed. This data mining is a rapidly developing field, engaged in the creation of techniques that explore information from educational system data.

  • Retail Industry : The retail sector has considerable evidence on the development of sales and client purchasing. Data mining in the retail industry improves the consumer's behaviour, the trend of purchasing customers, which contributes to improved customer satisfaction.

Statistics : This data mining has a lifelong connection to statistics. A statistical model is a collection of mathematical formulas which describe event activity in aspects of predictor variables and their corresponding distributions of outcomes. Machine learning : The key research field in machine learning is for learning computer programs, identifying patterns and making smart predictions that are dynamically based on the data. Machine learning is the technology which is rising fastest. Database and Data center applications : Database have strong concepts in network topologies, query languages, query filtering, methods of segmentation, storing data, caching, and systems of accessibility. Retrieval of details : The scanning process for records or information in the papers. Records may be in text or multimedia form, or may reside on the internet. So, all different kind of sector, data mining solution is taking a very potential role to implement your organization business growth. While implementing your process you need to set up flow chart like-

  • Enterprise awareness.
  • Knowing the details.
  • Preparing the details.
  • Appraisal.
  • Upgrade

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